Post #1

I was brought here today to share.  I do not question these types of things

anymore.  I have spent the last year having less physical ability and much

more time to listen to the internal voice that comes from truth.  As a result

I have found more peace and more truth than I have ever known.  I know

that I have finally begun to understand that traditional work and traditional

life does not work for me.  I tried for years to be what I was supposed to

be and found that I did not fit in at all.  The more I fit in with me, the more

I fit with others, or perhaps the more I do not attend to whether I fit in

with others now.  I am looking for the next place where I can expand and

grow.  I know I need to express some of what I have gotten as a result of

being in this place.  Perhaps it will be enough to say it here.  I now know I am

not in control of where I go from here, I am learning how to let the TAO

lead me and show me what to do.  So, here it is.  I will come back as I am

directed.  Thank you for letting me have this.