Post #3

I state my who's what's and where's simply because I am questioning,
wondering, and wanting to know  more.
My name is irrellevant-but I am 17 and am drawn towards different stimulants,
and different ways of life-but until now have been following the path most
partially travelled and am feeling almost empty. So here is something I just
thought of after an english class discussion. K-here it is.

It baffles me to sit in a room with people that wonder why killing, raping,
robbery and thievery exsist. Not because of why they happen? For if I rob a
bank-one obvious reason would be because I'm poor, or that I want more money,
or a thrill. But to look further into the subject of why is where you truly
find all the answers. Life as we know it, in western society, where money,
power, and entertainment rule almost all ways of life is "worthless". We have
a fascination to pick and delve into such little subjects-rather than having
simple goals and morals throughout life.

Today when the topic of Capital Punishment was discussed-I couldn't help but
to fully and simply understand the way in which our society works and to put
an answer to all people's questions. Mr. Blakely stated what to do with EVIL
people and how the other families will be suffering, and well, what if that
was your family? Well-to understand and to actually cope with the way things
are (i.e. evilness) all you need do is realize that the way our lives are
today are much more different and more un-animal like. When I speak of
un-animal like I mean, we, as humans, need not worry about survival, about
hunger, shelter or water. I mean hell, there are so many stores, we deal with
money, we have a life that consists of relying on everyone else for help. We
have become so out of our realm because we have tried to figure problems out
instead of just letting them be as part of human nature. Instead-now-for
example-if someone is born with a deformity, and or, retardation, we don't
look at what they do have to offer or how they would benefit the whole by
thinking and living through a different way, but we find what they don't have
and try and fix them to make them "normal", or like everyone else. Every
person, every animal, every thing, has a certain balance to it in order to
survive. Every thing has a certain amount of good, bad, tall, short, fat,
skinny in them. That's why they, like you and I, are all here. We exist
because of balance and harmony in life. Why I bring this up is because "the
white man" is fucking with this balance that exists and has existed for a
long time without the help of some machine or other form of technology. So-to
better answer you question Mr. Blakely-in how cereal killers, rapists and
other "evil people" get to be, look at yourself, look at everyone around you
who has risen the bar of standards and kept pushing the human kind to new
levels. For if everything is to exist, there must be their goods (we can find
food in a matter of seconds thanks to the stroke of one key), and their bads
(those people that like you said, have some bad in them, but by taking away
their need to survive and their "animal-like" mentality, you have given them
the ability to infatuate and expose their bad side. Which ultimately results
in the killings, raping, and other extremely large "evil doings" that we hear

Technology in medicine

In the art of western medicine, it has been a goal, much like western
philosophy, to dig and discover what is going on in the human body in order
to fix it. Without the mentality, without this infatuated "need to know" we
could enjoy life and each other, instead of worrying about the problems. I
can go back to further state the balance in everyone-but I think I covered
that. So with that in mind I will state this: Nothing in life is perfect.
Nothing. If there is one thing, whatever it may be, I would bet my life on it
that I could find something imperfect about it. By saying this, I am speaking
of perception and how for some people what is considered good, can seem bad
to others. So-Shit-I guess I kind of proved my point against why I should
even be writing this schpeel-but I'll continue on in hopes to make sense of
it all. So-for medicine-the whole goal is to cure-help person's problems. But
being born with an illness, a retardation, is not a problem. It's just
different than the main stream. It means that you'll be able to move
slower-for then you'll be able to take in all the little things in life, or
that you won't be able to see, so you'll hear things on such a greater scale
than you or I could. Enjoy these things and don't hate them for what you
don't have. I could name a ton of things that I don't have-but I could name
that much more of what I do have. So-where is the need to fix things that
shouldn't be messed with. If something is put here-on earth-in an unjust
way-then who's to say if that thing should be fixed. If it is here by
flaw-then god-let it die. That is it's natural course. It's natural course is
not to be held and nurtured through life, just to merely live. That is what
life is about-living and dying. Some just go quicker than others, and fucking
with that process is fucking with yourself, fucking with the way things
should be.

I am also sad to say that I am one-like almost everyone in our society who is
subject to live these ways because of time and place and luck.

I mean KRIPES- when man first existed, lessons were taught to youth and they
were embedded into their minds so that they would make their and their
families lives, enjoyable but also healthy, safe, and caring. Exmp-Indians
passing on very strict lessons about treating mother earth with kindness, not
pollution of any kind, and love. If these lessons were disobeyed then the
youth were taught and punished for disobeying them. Ah-I keep coming back to
a circle, with this in mind, that who is one to say which way is better. I
spose-not until one has lived both lifestyles (living off the land, never
over consuming, never being greedy VS. Trying to do as much as you can,
excelling, progressing at any cost) can a judgment call be made. So until
then I write to evoke thought of the truth into minds of others in a hope to
change what our world has become.