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one thing just one that is all. The one thing is that you perceive nothing with your eyes and you smell nothing with your nose and you hear nothing with your ears and you touch nothing with your hands. This is true and this is the one thing you must understand. Those things I have just mentioned are just impulses sent to your brain they mean nothing and so we should call them by there name which is nothing. Why do I call them nothing? For it does not matter what you see or hear or touch as until you brain attaches meaning to those impulses it is totally irrelevant to you on what those impulses are. They are just chemical electrical impulses that truly amount to n o t h i n g until meaning is imparted to them. Only when meaning is imparted to them do they mean something, otherwise they mean nothing.

let us call this impulse that has not yet bin given meaning qw you see now why I say that all you life all you have ever got from your five senses is qw and qw is nothing it is just an impulse whether it is something you heard or smelled or touched its just a meaningless qw .to say people are arguing over something they heard or saw is truly stupid because nobody has ever since the beginning of time ever argued over something they saw or heard.That is just qw and is nothing and you canít argue over nothing as nothing is nothing.

So the people are arguing about the number two thing .

the second thing that is all.the second thing is that you see everything with your beliefs you hear everything with your beliefs you smell everything with your beliefs.qw can be a duck a house a car an orange a dog but if you believe it is a cow then hey to you itís a cow. you have imparted meaning to it it is no longer irrelevant qw it has meaning it is a cow .Now I looked at the cow to me that cow looked like a horse so I started to argue with you over what we saw,.hold on just one minute I have already said you canít argue over something that you see as that is just qw meaningless nothing.If we are not arguing over whut we saw then what are we arguing over? We are arguing over our pre existing beliefs that gave meaning to the qw .The cow or horse was just a flashlight that illuminated a difference in or pre existing beliefs which we now argue .when we turn our heads and look at the cow or horse we are not looking at the source of the conflict just at the flashlight that illuminated the differences in our beliefs .yep I know I said it twice but I often wonder at the 100 millions that died over war looking at the horse and cow thinking that it was the problem going to there graves thinking that was the source of the conflict. If only they would have realized it was only a flashlight .they could have seen whut it illuminated and then they could have killed each other over that .At least then they would have known whut they where dying for as dying over a horse and a cow argument to me just sounds really really the flashlight is turned on and we see the reason the qw your brain got and the qw my brain got was processed differently .We have a difference in our beliefs that attached different meaning to the qw or brains received so who is right ?we better resolve this issue as war and death are but a moment away.Nothing not disease not war not all of them combined has killed more humans then difference in beliefs. So is it a horse or is it a cow? once again as a writer I can almost feel your eyes wanting to picture the image of the horse or cow and to that END I say stupid stupid stupid! I just finished telling you that millions of people died in ignorance looking at a cow and a horse donít you do it but you have bin conditioned to and when a problem arrises chances are you will,all I can say is don,t be stupid and turn your head towards the qw it is nothing .Look instead at whut is illuminated when meaning is given to the qw.It is the flashlight illuminating the differences in the beliefs of the two groups in the conflict.Turn your head towards that .so qw is the impulses and they are irrelevant then am I to believe our entire reality rests our beliefs? a truly shaky foundation to human existence, no wonder it is the number 1 reason people kill each other for as if I where perched atop a very tall very old ladder trying to paint an image on a wall it would piss me off plenty if someone came along and shook that ladder especially if I fell or I screwed up the picture I was trying to paint.So im trying to paint a cow you a horse each one of us is shaking the ladder of the other.the ladder being eachothers beliefs We both have a long way to fall no wonder 100 of millions die to protect there ladder for a moment of loss of confidence and the weakened ladder would start to wobble.Have you ever tried to paint a picture on a wobbling ladder all you end up with is fussy piece of incomprehensible crap.Not the reality im looking for thatís for sure.So by protecting or beliefs we are protecting our reality as the qw becomes our reality through our if indeed qw is nothing and our beliefs make a our reality out of it then our reality is based on nothing and the ladder is but a ghost image created by our mind so that we don,t feel we are drifting in space. that there is an up or down when there is none at all.yep sounds right to me but we all need the ladder and its appearance is reassuring to me as is I was this high up painting this horse and looked down and saw nothing at all I would scream shit and look round for something to grab on to and I would admit I would grab hold of the other guys ladder even if it was the guy painting the cow and I suspected him of being the asshole who kicked out the ladder from under me . but im digressing is it a horse or is it a cow ? hopefully by now you are asking yourself what is the difference in our beliefs that cause the difference in perception (and turn away from the image of the horse or cow) and the answer is this farmer jim only raises cows and hates horses it is spotted and so are cows.therefore it is a cow .Now I know for a fact that farmer jim has a new girl friend and she has a spotted horse so I perceive it as a spotted horse.Both of us have our reasons for perceiving it differently but notice that it was the framework that pre- existed that largely decided how the final perception was viewed we took what took the qw and molded it to fit our pre existing frame work ( now you know why qw is largely irrelevant) the clay is but a lump until it is molded . This illustrates that our reality exists large apon the foundation of our pre existing beliefs.So in actual fact reality is based on beliefs so we donít see with or eyes we do not hear with our ears we smell nothing with our nose .These things are all done by our beliefs .we construct our reality with them.This of course explains why groups go to war over them as they are not just defending there beliefs they are defending there very reality! .If I where be involved in an extensive survey to chart all my values and beliefs I would end up with a heap of statistics the would be complex and hard to deal with.Let us say I came up with an way to illustrate the results by designating each belief with a color and shape cut out of a piece of paper as I designated more and more I end up with a pile of odd shaped and different colored pieces of paper .so I cut a small hole in the center of each piece of paper and put a string through them all, knotting the one end of the string.I now have whut looks like a small Christmas tree made of my values and beliefs.Now im to go into a new group of people so I give the new group a survey and make up a Christmas tree for that group illustrating the sum of that groups beliefs ,now by putting the two Christmas trees side by side I can tell in advance where the conflicts between me and the group will occur .so I don,t have to wait for a cow and horse conflict as a flashlight to illustrate it.So when I go to the group I can avoid conflict .So I modify my beliefs to conform with that of the group .This of course can be done for two groups and thus war can be avoided.Thinking I really had something I tried it out and sure enough it worked but but but there is a catch.I was raised thinking conflict was bad and getting along with everyone good.isn,t it??????

since we see the world with our beliefs a group whos members all conform to a set beliefs have a hard time when a problem arises .they have a hard time because by in large they have similar beliefs thus the perceive the world in a similar manor .the qw is converted all to the ruffle the same image.This drastically reduces there ability to problem solve as peception is very limited .When you see with but with one eye depth of field is not good.Another problem is since the groups depth of field is poor the ability to perceive an approaching problem is poor as well so by reducing conflict in a group .you infact reduce a groups ability to see approaching problem and its ability to successfully respond to it.Thinking alike is not good .but thinking differently means there will be conflict .Could there be a healthy level of conflict in a group so that differences in beliefs can exist?.This would provide the group with better perception as one sees the world with there beliefs a larger variaty would provide better sight.hmmmm there problem solving would increase dramatically as perception would be enhanced .But once again I wonder ,is it a cow or is it a horse now reality is a strange thing we are social beings so or reality is socially constructed .To illustrate this point I will take you back to my school days where we where studying socially constructed reality.We have ten people look at four lines on a chalk board the second line is clearly longer then the rest but we have 9 people in a row who are asked the question which line is longer and they answer that the forth line is longer .Which is not true as the fourth line is clearly not the longest it is the second one that is longest .The reason all nine people answered they thought the fourth line was longest was we told them to lie.The reason we told them to lie was to see whut the 10th person said .you see the first nine people were told to lie the tenth person was selected from the hallway at random and asked to take a test after all 9 people answered by lieing to see if the other peoples perception altered theirs.All the people tested agreed that the 4 line was longest and it clearly was not.There percepton was altered by the other 9 peoples perception.This same thing happens to everyone who enters a group they alter there perception to fit the others. .they get along because they change there christmas tree to resemble that of the group therefore the qw gets processed the same way and everyone sees a cow not a horse.But let us say I was a real jerk and wanted to manipulate a groups perception of there qw ,I would of course use the trick I used at school I would make people in the group believe the majority of the people believed something that was not true.This is where surveys come in ok .Now remember in this case I am a real jerk .So let us say I manipulate a survey to make it appear that 94 percent of a group let us say the group this time is the people of canada .So let us say I manipulated a survey to make it appear 94 percent of Canadians where in favor that it was a horse not a cow.the truth of the matter is only 12 percent of Canadians believed it .I just cheated a bit on how the survey was worded to which sample group it was given and how the data was interperted and when and how the data was released

Now that I released the false data I wait a little and I give another survey and presto!!! Now 72 percent of the population believe it is a horse I have changed an entire nations perception of reality, using a simple trick .This is where the problems started for me for it was so simple and it worked so well surly others where doing the same .So I looked into it and found out who was paying for the large surveys and sure enough as a general rule everyone was trying to manipulate the people of Canadaís reality using this trick that people conform there beliefs to that of the groups so by miss representing this image they could control the people perception of reality for there own personal gain.It of course had its down side because with nothing but a distorted image of reality to rely on huge amounts of resources both monetary and human where being miss managed .Sometimes the manipulationís where true works off art .Instead of paying for the survey ( which are very expensive) the manipulators would promote a fear of something that would precipitate the group to have a survey on the issue they wanted to manipulate.This tactic is often used and the fear it inflicts has a huge social cost .Fear causes stress, stress largely contributes to almost all forms of disease and mental illnesses .You see there are many many groups trying the same trick trying to say look here or else.there is no doubt this is the leading cause of death and illness in our society. This simple trick kills and sickens our people and whut ever goals and efforts that are made when they live are false ones made by manipulators for there own ends.your goals and are not your own your dreams are not yours you may scoff at these words but we can nolonger be eaten alive by them. The simple answer is saint simon a long dead nut that figured it all out he new we did not see hear or touch anything in our live .He knew we only heared smelled touched and saw with our beliefs that imparted meaning to the qw.He knew the trick how to control behavior by manipulating or beliefs by controlling what we believed to be majority opion.He strongly believed that the upper class should rule using this trick.Yet his goal was impossible to realize without a delivery system .So his student Comte (the father of sociology) created one .So let us make no mistake what im stating sociology was not created to study society as the public was lead to this day to believe,but a tool for a mad man to manipulate the public so the upper class can control there behavior.They do this by using the power public opinion (the same way we did when 9 people fooled the 10th into believing a line was the longest when it wasnít)that can shape and mold peoples beliefs which control how they perceive the world .Truly by now you must think I am mad but wouldnít it be interesting if I had a document in Comte own hand writing that of course was authenticated by experts where by he openly admits that sociology only goal was indeed to provide a means for his mentor saint simon to realize his dream of complete control of the population by the upper class.Let us assume for a moment I did have such document what would it mean .It would mean democracy was a sham ,as the freedom of choice would just be an illusion so the population could feel they controlled there own destinies when they where mere puppets.Now you would probably think this is where I rave on and on about this evil transgression against humanity .So none of my dreams are my own so my reality is an image given to me by the powerful for there own ends.The question remains to be answered was saint simon right was it in the best interest of the public to be ruled in this fashion .This system does provide good social cohesion at his time the church was certainly sucking at doing that job.Lord knows with the rapid division of the working class, gods glue was just not going to do the trick we needed crazy glue.For myself my life has had its ups and downs but if you look at history we know it could have sucked a lot more then it does.Though I do think this system needs some fine tuning the reason is this. A group wants to access this control system it does this by using fear to make the public thing a problem exists but all the other groups are doing the same thing.This means the public is over stressed this stress kills millions ,more infract then both world wars.Now the group tries to be heared over the din of fear created by the other groups and the only way it can do that is to destort the problem making it appear larger then it is so it generates more fear.This is where the real problem begins the group itself initially knows it is distorting the problem to raise public awareness but as they defend this distorted image they soon internalize there beliefs and the false image is real to them.They have altered there beliefs and thereby there reality .Then when the public does take notice and does provide them with monetary or humane resources they are wasted on a problem that is not real.Since this happens almost every time most of our efforts are waisted on ghost meant to generate fear but in real life having no substance the system forces groups to distort there reality ,it would be nice if instead if it made groups clarify there reality so the image there beliefs provided to the rest of society was distortion free.If this was true society eye sight would be clear.Instead of totally blind.Rememember society like people does not see with it eyes hear with it ears our smell with its nose that is just qw It sees and hears and smells with its beliefs .Distorting these beliefs is not good it blinds society to potential dangers and hampers there response to a danger once it is detected.Thus in all of this we can conclude that a long dead french dude cooked up a recipe so the ruling class could control the very reality of the masses his student pulled it off by creating a mechanism (sociology ) to implement this way cool mind control deal and it was all hooked together with democracy to cover there tracks as the appearance of self government would do that job.Unfortunetly the word got out and everyone wanted a turn playing this way cool Nintendo like game.Where reality could be bent and twisted to fit your needs unfortunately the long dead french dude didn,t count on this and in the end we as a species may disappear as a direct result of this oversight as pressing the start button again won,t get us a second chance .i personally think its really neat and wouldnít have it any other way as flexibility of reality in are society is so wow its like everyone took drugs and is partying down.So eventually the world will wake up with a hell of a hangover and say( shit il never do that saint simon shit again) but we all know life will get boring and society will be looking for a new drug by next weekend lets hope the next one is less destructive . You may consider this my resume my name is brad sypes (my mail or email rarely gets through) I fish on the peer in port, a local nice place.come and talk some time .My skills are I will attempt to illustrate your belief universe using color and shape in a dynamic fashion to enhance you ability to perceive or your group will see 100 times clearer and be truly intoach with everything.Can I do this effectively? perhaps yes perhaps no , but image looking at what appears to be rotating shapes like solar systems and as you zoom in you can see an smaller rotating shape that shape is your beliefs .zoom out and you at a glance can see how your reality is being shaped by the larger forces and whut direction there heading and what forces are propelling them .A tool greater then any other ever.As at a glance everything will be clear .and soon after you can alter the foundation of any groups reality in a predictable fashion .Lets just say it, you will be a god and funny as it seems the system was invented to do just that replace religion as the moral center.Will you be corrupted by such absolute power ? yes of course but hell itíll be fun.