Post #5

Ignorantly Blind
by: Joel Serrano

Inbred emotions in humans are the worst kind. These emotions you get from family or friends, whose ideals and thoughts you take blindly without a second thought. They think one thing, you think another, most times the same in belief. This is one way of forgetting to be yourself.

I've said before that no one anywhere is perfect. Some of us have beauty outside, while others have beauty inside. Some of us are not intelligent enough, while others are too intelligent. Ignorantly, we sometimes believe we are better than someone else. That we possess beauty, while others are as ugly as sin, be it inside or out. What we do is look at other humans with veiled eyes. We pretend to see something without actually seeing what is there.

If you see with your eyes only, the world can be a sullen place with angry, evil, or mundane people. It's not a view to cherish . We lead our lives thinking this is appropriate, when, in actuality, it's a burden that causes us to panic and behave in irrational and childish ways. If we see with only our eyes, then we are missing the best part of the object. The inside.

Seeing life through veiled eyes has caused many a men and women and children to judge others that are not meant to be judged in the first place. Who are we to judge what we cannot know?

If you see only with your eyes, you are ignorantly blind. You are not seeing what was meant to be seen, and that is the inner workings of the person. Should you see only the clothes they wear or the way they walk, then ignorantly blind is what you are. It's a life full of emotional, mental, and spiritual pain that won't go away. Ignorance is not a real person, but it is our worst enemy.

When we connect our mind, body, heart, and soul into one, we see differently. We don't just want to see the beauty in people, but we want to see the beauty in life. Because no matter what, during your lifetime and mine, there will be people around. They will be your family, your friends, your neighbors, and your lovers. They will be whatever they want to be. And why should our ignorance stop them from being themselves. If we lead our lives without ignorance, our lives would change to include a diverse class of people, no matter what race, creed, religion, sexuality, or features they may have. We can learn something new from everyone.

Let go of what other people think and think for yourself. It's been a long life with clouded thoughts all ready. Start tomorrow being yourself and seeing everyone else as themselves. It's could be as easy or as hard as you want to make it. Here's an exercise for you: Walk down the busiest street in your town. Look in no particular direction, keeping your eyes shifting left and right, looking straight ahead. Find a person who seems different to you. Get a good visual of that person. Try to come up in your mind what that person is like. What they must think everynight when they go to bed. Why they walk like they do and they swagger like you don't. Who would be a friend of there's? Do they even have friends?

Did you come up with an answer? Well, lose it. Discard it and never think of it again. Because you are, and always will be, completely wrong. You have failed the exercise. And that is what ignorantly blind is. A daily exercise that cannot be passed with any form of study, research, or findings. It's one of the few exercises in life that on paper would have one question and no answer. The answer will always be wrong.

Do not take that exercise and never answer that question. If you can do that, then you have passed the beginning of your real test. What do you get? You don't get a million dollars, a new car, or a grand mansion. What you do get is the priceless feeling of being worldly. Of being yourself.