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Author: Anonymous

The problem with the thought/idea of dualistic religion is that if there is a god 

sitting in the heavens--> If god is almighty, all knowing, all powerful, 

omnipresent, omnipotent, then he could not have created us with free will, 

because ultimately he would control everything. If there was free will (he 

created us with free will), then god has limited power and is not almighty, 

because he can't control our actions or thoughts/decisions. If there is god, he 

must be a satanic, sick, twisted madman. He allows suffering? No, he controls it, 

along with death. Can there be a plausible reason for a "supreme being" to let 

people starve or be slaughtered in Hitler's concentration camps. It seems to 

me, if there is a god, he is less powerful than any individual or he needs to be 

sent to a Mental Home.  If god is all loving and all forgiving, then there is no 

good or bad, no morals/ethics, heaven or hell. Any sin would be forgiven, 

therefore no longer is a sin. There can be no morals or ethics, because all 

actions are seen the same in god's eyes, he loves all and shall forgive all. He 

cannot send you to a heaven or hell because he will always love you, so how 

can he make a judgment that will determine your eternity. If he loves all, he 

could not send you to a hell. If he is all forgiving, he would forgive, you for 

everything, inclusive of sins or anything that might incriminate you to hell. 

Logically, either there is no heaven or hell or purgatory, or god is not all loving 

and all forgiving, but is a judgmental loony (he would throw people into pits of 

fire [in hell] ?). If he controls everything, you can't be held accountable for your 

actions because he has control over you i.e. you are possessed [by god].