Post #7

Author: Anonymous

The majority of "civilized" society has succumbed to conforming to society. 

They have let themselves be driven by fear. Fear runs their lives, drowns their 

minds with worries, and motivates them. When one is motivated by fear and 

performs actions in the state of fear, that person has lost control. Fear can only 

exist in the unconscious, because it feeds on ignorance.  Since fear only exists 

in the unconscious state of mind, the person who acts out of fear is also acting 

out of the unconscious. The acts of the unconscious are similar to that of the 

acts performed out of impulse. The person has lost control and may perform 

actions in spite of himself or herself. Everybody has had that experience of 

doing something in spite of themselves, what they planned, or what they were 

thinking. All actions and events which are regrettable come from the state where 

control has been given up to a negative emotion (fear, anger, sadness, hate, 

rage, jealousy, envy etc.). When an action happens which one is ashamed of 

(which is inevitable in the unconscious state of mind), he or she now has 

conscious decisions which he or she can make. In most cases, they can accept 

and face consequences or leave the outcome to chance or to hope, in the ideal 

situation that chance will occur in their favor. The mind depends on and hopes 

for luck/chance, which becomes the person's hopeless hope. It becomes their 

religion. Even though there is no way out; the mind's imagination conjures up 

possible escapes which give the little Hope some life. In reality, the decision 

was not conscious if it was made towards chance, because only one path really 

exists, the path of accepting responsibility for one's actions and facing the 

inevitable consequences. One should not have to take responsibility for actions 

out of impulse or unconscious. The responsibility lies where and when one has 

let themselves be taken over by negative emotions and chooses not to be 

conscious/aware of those emotions to dispel them. One is responsible for the 

state he or she chooses to exist in, because that choice is conscious.