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Post #1 - "From a need to share" - A realization of acceptance expressed beautifully.

Post #2 - "Balance and belongingness" - An insight into addiction and fear.

Post #3 - "My Truth" - An Analyzation of Western society intended at provoking deeper thinking.

Post #4 - "truth" - An essay on perception, language, etc with insight into how meaning attached to objects distorts reality.

Post #5 - "Ignorantly Blind" - A beautiful, short essay describing how unconscious our day to day life is.

Post #6 - "Organized Religion" - Written on 12/9/98- A short essay questioning the ultimate creation of society, "God", and God's dualistic nature.

Post #7 - "Responsibilty and Fear" - Written on 2/5/99- A brief insight into fear, ignorance, responsibility, the unconscious, conscious, and negative emotions.