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There are some who live their lives without question, accepting what they are told, functioning according to their social roles, and thereby reaping the benefit of society in the form of a life far exceeding the minimum requirements for survival.  Society enables humans to come together for the sake of their common interest, enriching the quality of their life.  Having our physical needs satisfied with relative ease, we are free to satisfy desires, ambitions, pleasures, and so on.  Thus, society has allowed for the birth of many high arts and sciences, allowing for magnificent discoveries and creations.  The brilliance and the creativity that froths so abundantly from our vitality manifests in life throughout the world.  Despite the apparent misery, suffering, and evil in the world, there exists intelligence, love, happiness, an overwhelming intuitive sense of wholeness.  Even the most pessimistic of us cannot deny the fact that life exists, even if (for solipsists, mechanists, materialists, atheists ...) it is restricted to a narrow and strict conception.  As with all else, some source must account for this life.  For, as we know, nothing comes from nothing.  Therefore, this something, this life, has come from something.  Perhaps this self-evident fact accounts for our understanding that there exists a reality far greater than that of our individual existence.  However, to claim that such a reality exists independently of us is a useless assertion.  A reality with which we have no intrinsic connection is quite irrelevant, as it would be fundamentally separate from us and thus of no consequence to us or our lives.  On the contrary, if we are somehow fundamentally connected to that reality, then we have direct access to it.  Then, not only is such a reality of consequence to us, it is crucial to the understanding of our most basic and fundamental nature, as reality.  This site aims to serve as an online portal for discovering and exploring the nature of this reality.  Best wishes on the endeavor to discover the nature of our common true self.

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